Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Pediatrician..

Is AMAZING! I know a lot of my friends are going through some big things with a recent situation involving their pediatrician; I couldn't imagine. I know how much time, research, and consideration we dedicated to finding the right pediatrician for us, and I couldn't stand the thought that if after just this one year alone we'd have to start over, after developing a rapport with him, Reilly becoming comfortable with him, putting our trust in him month after month, well-check after well check! While pregnant, our search came down to Dr. Gusic, Dr. Moore, and Dr. Conti (dodged a bullet there!).

So.. I highly recommend Dr. Gusic to anyone who is still searching. Obviously you have to find the doctor that is right for your family, which he has been for ours. He is so great with Reilly, has a sarcastic humor to him-which you know I appreciate, my husband is a huge fan, and best of all (which admittedly it took me quite a few visits to accept) he calls me out on my crazy. We have never waited for more than 5 minutes in the waiting room.. waiting an hour is just insane- no offense.. but.. what were you people thinking? The nursing staff is so nice, as are the girls at the front desk.. and everyone in between. We've also seen Dr. Alazard and Dr. Misch who were also awesome! They are all very different doctors, in my opinion, but they are all great.. and they are all very straight forward and don't doctor "from the book"! Oh.. and they're all at St. Rose Pediatrics, that might be beneficial. ;)


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