Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rocky Rocky.

Without a doubt.. rocking Reilly before bed at night is my FAVORITE part of the day, I look forward to it everyday, don't want it to end during, and miss it when it's over. It's when he is his cuddliest, silliest, sweetest... best ever. Every night he gets his bath, gets lotioned up and pajamas put on, brushes his teeth, waves goodnight to daddy... sometimes reads books, sometimes doesn't, up to him.. and then it's our 20 minutes of snuggling. He cuddles onto my chest like a little newborn baby and we just rock back and forth.. and most the time after a few minutes he'll sit up and start making funny faces, or giving me "noseys".. or telling me where my nose, ears, and tongue are, putting his hands on my eyes for butterfly kisses.. then giggling and pulling his hands away, just to repeat. Tonight he kept making fishy faces and giving me kisses.. then cracking up about it. After a while I'll put him in his crib, tuck him in, turn on his singing frog, then off to sleep he goes.

I think that when he is older, and telling me he hates me.. while I'm crying hysterically in my bedroom with my head between my knees believing him, rocking him is what I'm going to try to remember, or when he grows up and moves away, I'll just remember his face popped up being so silly before bed each night.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toddler Days..

A quick catch up on Reilly.. he is doing really well! He is getting smarter everyday, it's crazy how fast he learns and catches on to things. Today at his 15 month well check the pediatrician asked me how many words he has and I was stumped.. yeah, I knew there was a number per age, and I've always thought to keep track, but I guess I just haven't because.. he has new ones all the time, but I answered his question with "...he knows all of his animal sounds", the doctor probably though "great.. if he was living in a barn or a zoo that'd be awesome, so how about those human words".. eh, what can you do? As for animal sounds if you ask him what the animal says he can respond to cat, dog, frog, bunny rabbit (says hop hop and bounces), dinosaur (realistic..), bear, duck, penguin (says waddle waddle and rocks side to side...duh!), a baby (not an animal..but, honestly-when reilly was born jeff compared newborns humans to newborn horses..horses being inferior), crocodile, pig, bear, and of course.. mickey mouse! That last one was just for fun one day, I was "quizzing" him on his animals and tossed Mickey Mouse in and he responded "toooodle", if you have the great privilege of watching MMCH, you get it, if you don't.. trust me, you don't care. He is always putting two word phrases together and can put together a three word phrase if it starts with "I want..". As for body parts, he will gladly show you his nose, ears, tongue, and belly.. tongue and belly you don't even have to ask, he is just that kind!

As for his..other growth. He is 31 3/4 in tall which is in the 50-75th%, 25lb 4oz..the lower 50-75th%, and his head circumference is something phenomenal and off the charts.. a good..100%, on the small side. That dome.. I've gone ahead and attributed most of his body weight and height to that thing as well, and I imagine.. if his head were proportionate to his body, he would probably be a very small guy, some brands of baby clothes have to be seriously stretched in the neck to get over his head! Love it.. love his face, and love that I get to look at it on a larger scale! See that adorable thing magnified!

Currently things that Reilly likes are:
1. Cereal Bars. Holy.. smokes. He was eating the Gerber ones for a long time, but..they're small, and going through a box every other day was silly.. so he has stepped up to the Kashi cereal bars.. much better, for multiple reasons, the grocery bill an obvious, as well as being caught in public with only two in the diaper bag.
2. "Grapas".. that means grapes for the non-baby greek. But.. he is his mother's son, and wine comes from grapes.
3. Watermelon. Another "holy..smokes" category. He cannot see watermelon, it needs to remain hidden.. God forbid he is 10 feet away from the fridge in his high chair.. and you open the fridge door and he sees it somewhere hidden in the back, because he is a watermelon sniper..meltdown ensue until it is in his hands/mouth/dripping down his face and all over, more often than not, a white t-shirt.
4. Mickey Mouse. I swear that show is crack for kids. He even answers Mickey when he asks his audience questions, "do you want to go inside my clubhouse" "YESH!"...what? how do you know what he is talking about?
5. Being rocked. Hands down, my favorite time of the day.. sometimes even after he is asleep I sneak in for seconds.
6. Colored pencils. Not crayons, not even those...sorry..STUPID egg shaped crayons that he just pulls the crayon part out of.. only colored pencils. And he will carry them all day long, no matter where we go.. and just.. write on a piece of paper.
7. Pancakes. His staple Sunday morning breakfast.. and then a few other days during the week depending on my mood, or what his daycare is serving. He pretty much just hovers in the kitchen while I'm making them..reaching up on the counter, waiting not so patiently.
8. Brushing his teeth. Probably a good hour in the morning and only a few minutes at night.

Things that Reilly does NOT like:
1. When I leave for work... ugh. :(
2. Food items that are not fruit.
3. Getting his diaper changed.
4. Sitting in a high chair.. which we are moving on from, to a kid sized table.

So..that's my update. He's pretty fun..once again, 15 months is my FAVORITE age! Haha..broken record? I'll leave you with a funny little..weird..story that happened tonight. During bath time he always wanted to play with the soap.. but.. he would want to chew on the lid, which I think is gross, but if he likes eating soap.. that's his prerogative. However when it came down to giving it back to me, disaster. So now he has a tiny soap that is all his to play with.. one of those travel sized ones. And his own washcloth so he can put the imaginary soap on the washcloth, rub it together, and then wash his face saying "scrub scrub scrub".. like he likes to do. And sometimes when I'm washing him, he won't let me until he gets to put imaginary soap on my washcloth also.. so tonight he had a little one person dialogue, I'm guessing that the other person was supposed to be me? Because he was holding out the washcloth saying "please?" and then following it with a stern "No!" over and over.. and the please was in a very high pitched voice- which.. thank you Reilly.. I appreciate that.