Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 months in..

"If you could go back a year and see yourself now you would say, 'Wow, really? A pacifier as a ring? That is so lame!"- Jeff as I was driving the other day, apparently it was the first time he has gone anywhere with me driving. Pretty much sums up the baby transition!! (And no.. I don't wear them as rings, I have to be prepared for a crying baby in the car!)

Reilly is now 3 months old and officially not a newborn and I am LOVING it! I have loved him all along of course, but not gonna lie.. I think this has been my favorite age so far. He still does all of the same things he has done since birth, like insisting that our bodies were meant for nap time, only now he has SO much personality. He recently started laughing and that is definitely the best sound in the entire universe. I spend all day trying to figure out what makes him laugh just to hear it over and over. He is also starting to open up around groups and the kid is a chatterbox! He also sleeps 8 hours straight, which.. could we ask for more? No way! And as for going to bed.. read him two books, give him his last feeding for the day.. and put him in the bed! No fuss! Even if he is awake, he will just put himself to sleep.. with the help of the amazing dex baby sound sleeper of course. I swear by that thing.. I'm pretty sure at this point that Jeff nor I could sleep without it. I'm honestly contemplating not having anymore kids just because he has been such a blessing that I'm afraid I would pop out a little demon child (either that or he is making up for Layla's existence.. ugh). For the most part he does not cry and he has never "cried just to cry", I might be on the ignorant side because I don't have a crying baby- but.. do babies cry just to cry? He whines when he is tired, and the biggest indicator that he is tired is if you put him down somewhere and he gets more upset.. at that point just give the kid a pacifier and he's out. He snorts when he is hungry.. naturally. And in the rare circumstance that he may be hurt.. shots for instance, we won't even go there. NIGHTMARE.. then he holds his breath for a few seconds and then let's the world have it!!

A few weeks ago he reached another major milestone.. ROLLING OVER!! So exciting! It's just amazing watching him learn and grow. Everyday is so amazing.. a little more of his personality comes out or a new developmental change. He is the greatest blessing that both Jeff and I have ever experienced, and I 100% dread the day that he doesn't want to me to be with him every second or makes me his "nap time prisoner".

Tomorrow we have our Wednesday baby mixer where he has made plenty of friends! We are having a potluck and doing tiny impression hand printing. Reilly will not be getting his hand print done because we did one at 3 weeks and he is hosting a hand printing party at the end of the month, but we did make some cookies tonight for the potluck! That is the update for now!! Time to get to bed so I can enjoy part of that 8 hour sleep!