Friday, November 26, 2010


So I'm clearly scattered all over the place, but whatever.. that's just how it will have to be until I catch up on this bad boy!!

Thanksgiving was a little over a month ago, but I realized I never wrote about it, and probably should before I forget it! It was definitely not an easy 1st holiday to celebrate with Reilly, but hey.. live and learn right? We are still trying to come up with the best possible solution to celebrate holidays with three sets of grandparents in town. I think it would be best to just divide Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day between the three sets because I can't really enjoy a holiday driving around town stressed out to make it to each place in time and upset about not getting to spend quality time with each family. It seems incomplete, but.. Jeff would rather rush around than miss anyone on a holiday- so we will do that until he realizes he hates rushing around and changes to my way. :)

Reilly and I woke up that morning just in time to watch the parade, my favorite part of the day, and from the looks of things- his also, until he fell asleep sitting up on my lap!

Once he was up from his nap we got ready to go and our first stop was my dad's house at 2pm.

Jeff and Reilly.. watched the football game while Rhonda, Ashley, and I worked on dinner.. any Amy and Karen ran around taking pictures. So like them!

We ate dinner and then of course people starting passing out on every couch, I washed some dishes and then we were off to stop #2, Uncle Bob's house with my mom's side of the family. The had already eaten, but we just wanted to stop by and see everyone, especially the twins who are only a few months older than Reilly, so the closest thing to cousins his age he has right now.. until any of our combined 7 sisters get on it! Let's go ladies! :) We hung out there for almost an hour and then our final stop for the day.. Jeff's Mom's house! They had also already had dinner, but Jeff was ready for round two so he made a turkey sandwich, we visited for a little while, then took our exhausted little man home! Definitely a stressful day, we tried to enjoy it as much as we could though, but hopefully we come up with a better routine because I don't think it's fair to us, to Reilly, or to our families to get an dine and dash appearance from us!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bring on the Calories!

Making baby food is so addicting! Every batch makes like 6 little containers of food, and he can't just have the same food all day long, so I have quite the collection gathering.

Reilly's new favorite, once squash, is now "Potatoes, Carrots, and Corn". So I thought I'd share the recipe. :)

2 tbsp unsalted butter
1/2 cup onion, chopped
2-3 medium carrots, peeled and sliced
1 medium sized potato (8oz), sliced into little squares
2 tbsp water or vegetable stock
1/3 cup of corn
1-2 tbsp milk

Melt the butter in a saucepan, then saute the onions for 1 minute. Add the carrots and saute for another 5 minutes. Add the potato and water/veg stock (i used water.. veg stock takes too long to make for my liking right now.. and I used a whole lot more water than it called for.. just kept adding it when it looked like it was getting dry). Cover and cook on medium heat for 15 minutes. Then stir in the corn and cook for another 5 minutes. Add the milk and puree.

I also didn't add the milk before puree'ing, because I don't want to put his food in the microwave with breast milk in it and kill the milk's nutrients. Took a little bite.. SO good! Going to have to try it as a mash potato recipe. :)

I'd hoped that the butter would give him a few extra calories to get through the night, as I was going to see Harry Potter at midnight and didn't want Rei to be too rough on Jeff. Umm.. nope, instead he woke up at midnight ready to play and talked Jeff's ear off until 2am, until Jeff just put him in his crib and let him talk himself to sleep. Oops.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We're there! That movie with the zombies running wild killing each other and riding on roller coasters. Probably won't kill anyone anytime soon, and I can't ride a roller coaster to save my life.. but the rest is my world right now. That's not why I haven't updated the blog though.. that's an array of other excuses. The capslock on the keyboard got stuck and nothing is worth typing that much holding down the shift key, then the computer got attacked by a virus. But I think we're clear now.. so voici! BLOG!

Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Unfortunately I don't have many mommy friends that I talk to on a regular basis with older babies. I have some of those friends, just.. not the ones I talk to often-they are all days apart from Reilly due to meeting at a mommy mixer when they were weeks old and you tend to draw to the babies the exact same age because you're going through the same things.. you get it, so basically I learn my skills from books and internet sources. I'm pretty much winging this parenthood stuff. And people..specifically my father, tend to get annoyed when I say "well the book says blah blah blah", but as for now.. the "book" is my bible, and I follow every verse. Anyway.. as to the "where I'm going wrong".. WHY WON'T MY SON SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT ANYMORE!? He used to and it was beautiful, and we were a happy little family. Now he is a happy little baby and I am about to put him on formula just so I can have more than one caffeine a day. Yeah.. it's that bad! Here is how it goes. 7:30pm comes around and we start his sleep routine. He gets a bath, splash time in warm water with his toys, lotioned up-sometimes massaged, nursed, and then 2-3 books-always ending with Goodnight Moon. Then he gets put into his crib still awake and usually just talks to himself or rolls back and forth for about 10 minutes and is asleep. No crying, it's beautiful. He even has naps perfected. When I'm home with him, he gets put down around 10:30am and 2:00pm. Again, I lay him down completely awake, this time I give him a blanket since it's only for an hour.. he plays with the blanket, rolls to his side, and is out for a good hour. Love it.. piece of cake. However.. the hours between midnight and 8:30am are a nightmare! I feel like I have a newborn, every 3 hours on the dot.. he wakes up. I've tried letting him whine, but whining turns into full on screaming until I nurse him. Maybe he is really hungry? But maybe he has learned to wake up every 3 hours. I could understand if I put him to sleep nursing, but I don't.. I put him to sleep wide awake, so I know he has the skills to fall asleep on his own. Last night when I would respond to him I nursed him WAY less than usual, I cut him off instead of him letting go, and.. he slept the exact same 3 hours. So then I wonder what the function of him waking is and if it's really a hunger thing at all. Maybe a growth spurt.. maybe teething.. maybe I'm doomed for the rest of my life.. I don't know!? I don't know anything because my brain is going on very disrupted sleep. If it's a spurt/teeth/hunger thing, I'm fine with that, I just don't want to continue reinforcing a behavior that I should not and conditioning him to wake up every 3 hours for.. ever! So if you had advise.. spit it out! I've considered even moving him back into my room and starting all over with the sleep training, but.. that would ultimately be reinforcing. Last night I even got into his crib with him for a minute-his face lit up with smiles! But.. that's not realistic. Anyway.. that's my rant.

Onto more exciting news! Reilly sits up, rolls over, and is uncomfortably close to crawling. If you put your hands behind his feet and just.. follow him around that way, he will push off your hands and travel all over his room, can even steer himself in different directions. He still isn't a fan of his stomach, yet, put him on his back and he will flip himself right over, but has forgotten how to flip back. It's pretty funny. During his three hours of sleep he flips himself over guaranteed and sleeps on his stomach. He is napping right now and I just found him on his stomach.. face down. Not okay. He is definitely enjoying all the new views thought, and I think a little more independence, if he wants a toy he can get to it, and doesn't have to stare and squawk until I get it for him.

Solids are going great! They're so much fun. Like I mentioned before, I make his baby food and I love it! I love preparing things for him to eat, it makes me feel like I'm doing something more for him. And I love cooking anyway, so cooking for my baby is that much better. He has mastered carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, green beans, squash (his FAVORITE), pears, apples, broccoli, parsnip, avocado (my favorite to give him).. I think that's it. Only had a reaction to spinach-which really is fine by me. We have started mixing his vegetables now, today for lunch he had sweet potatoes and broccoli, and also on this weeks menu are "trio of root vegetables". I have been using Annabel Karmel's 100 purees or whatever it's called. I like it.. seems like a lot of tasty things. We've also brought rice cereal back, because before we introduced fruits, giving him vegetables for breakfast seemed weird. So in the morning we sit together and I eat my Rice Krispies and he eats his rice cereal.. sometimes he sucks on my banana, it's probably one of my favorite times of the day with him. Oh.. and he has started doing the best thing during meals. After every bite he sits there with a mouth full of food and says "mmm" over and over, no matter what he is eating. It's hilarious! I'll have to get that on a video that I can upload here.

What else, what else. OH! I would like to call "bullshit" on the "you can't spoil a baby before 6 months" bit. He is 5 months old and becoming quite demanding. We were at Town Square for a date with his Leram. As we were walking, she reached into his stroller to hold his hand. He yelled, pulled his hand away, and kicked his feet. When I noticed that he did this, I tried it and he did the same thing, only.. yelling louder- expressing that he was really not having it. The next day while Rhonda was preparing his lunch she had him sitting in his high chair and he began squawking (I know I keep using that word.. but it's what he does, he's not much a cryer.. just.. a squawker.) and pounding on the high chair table. I don't want to say he is all little bossy though- he is also very helpful. Whenever he is able to carry things, he does. For instance.. halmark card bags.

Ahh, nap time is over, thus is my blogging time. That's the update. Hope you enjoyed. Bye!

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