Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodbye Newborn!

Reilly is almost to the end of his 3rd month! CRAZY how time's exciting and breaking my heart at the same time (work.. EW!). A lot has happened in the past month including his first vacation, discovering toys, coo'ing up a storm, finding his fist, meeting his cousin Marley and almost fully gaining head control!

I'll start with his first vacation. We went to Kentucky from August 4th-8th for family time and my grandparents burial. The flight out was great.. it was at 7:45am, which is when he is still sleeping, we found a seat in the back and he slept in his car seat for a majority of the 3hour 15 minute flight. We landed in Nashville and he was AWAKE, and he stayed awake for the almost 3 hour drive to the house in Fredonia, very unhappy. Can you really blame him thought? No one would be happy in a car seat for almost 10 hours, I felt so bad for him. :( Of course his sleeping schedule was a disaster and the trip out exhausted him, so we spent most of the time taking naps, which I definitely don't mind because he likes his naps to be on me! One Amish town was the extent of our touring. He did get a lot of family time in though, and met a lot of new family too, including my great aunt Wanda, whom he took quickly to! Also.. I was very proud of him for being able to stay in a room with 7 girls and not disrupt anyone's sleep (or so they told me!). The trip back to Las Vegas went alright as well.. he stayed awake the entire time, but I kept him as happy as I possibly could the entire flight because the lady in front of us on the plane gave me a look with an "are you serious" and when I replied that he would sleep the entire time she said, "I hope so." Rude.

Something else that was exciting was meeting Marley!! My cousin Jamie and I have a pretty funny pregnancy story. Her family was in town, staying at my Dad and Rhonda's house last fall. During that time, I found out I was pregnant and wanted to tell my dad, but did not want everyone else finding out just yet, however they were going to be in town for a week and I don't have that kind of patience. One night everyone was bbq'ing at their house and I brought a Harley onesie to tell my dad. It took a while, but there was finally a quiet time where everyone was doing their own thing and I had the opportunity to take my dad away from the group and tell him.. apparently Jamie had also been waiting for that same quiet time to take her mom into a room, and without knowing, we both told our parents we were pregnant at the same time. The next night both of our parents made the announcement that we were pregnant. It was so great to have someone to go through it all with! Marley ended up being born exactly a week after Reilly. They live in California, so it wasn't until this weekend that they finally got to meet. Jamie, Kevin, and Marley came down for a family anniversary party! There is definitely a difference in size, although they are only a week apart... Reilly has a good few inches and 2 pounds on Marley!!

I guess I should add one more thing, because this post has taken a few days to type- babies are so demanding, but as of yesterday, and at this very moment.. Reilly is sleeping in his crib! Not at night though, don't get crazy, just for nap time. I would take a picture, but that might wake him up, and no way am I waking him up!! I have an hour to get things done and eat some oreos.