Friday, July 16, 2010

Reilly's Here!!

so i'm aware that i have dropped the ball on this blogging thing, but having a kid is hard! my little vision of sitting around blogging, making homemade baby food, keeping a perfect home, and having a warm dinner on the table when jeff got home was INSANE! man oh man. anyway.. on to reilly.
obviously he is here, or not so obviously because the announcements aren't out-they're sitting right next to me.. labeled and stamped, but it's way too hot to go to the mailbox, so expect those next week as opposed to this. but he is here none the less.. he arrived june 2nd at 7:39pm, weighing in at a great big 8 lb 14.8 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. big baby. i just want to go on the record though as.. i called it and also throw out a little "told you so" to my doctor who, up until "HOLY SHIT THAT'S A BIG BABY" came from her mouth while doing a double catch as to not drop my baby.. (yes..those were the words he was welcomed into the world with), said i had nothing to worry about, i was not gaining too much weight and everything seemed on track to an averaged sized baby, regardless of the fact that i could feel him in every part of me from my throat to my knees.. and i weighed 9lb 5 oz. what part do genetics play in this anyway? but as for the delivery, could not have asked for anything easier. being induced is the best thing ever in my opinion, as one sided as it may be, and childbirth is the easiest thing in the world with the help of a sweet sweet thing called an epidural. (my apologies to my amazing husband for wishing he would choke on a cookie, threatening to break his fingers off if he even so much as thought about trying to make me count we had learned in our birthing class, and attempting to make an appointment for his vasectomy. also an apology to "the epidural man", who was later "best friend", for multiple announcements in regards to his speed, or lack there of). reilly stewart broo was born in the easiest 4 contractions ever and was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen in my entire life.
we were blessed with an incredibly smooth pregnancy and delivery, so it only fair that the recovery suck. i had a few complications, and had to be put out with pain medication reilly's first night.. leaving jeff to be SUPER DAD and take care of him on his own. he spent the entire first night feeding him, changing his diaper, and rocking him.. alone. by the next morning they had this amazing bond already.. jeff already knew what his faces meant.
we stayed for 2 more days and little rei continued to charm every person he came in contact with. when he went to get his hearing screening he even put his hands on the headphones like he was listening to music and when the rest of the nurses "aww'ed".. his said "yeah.. he's with me". and that's pretty much how his life for the past month and a half has gone.
reilly's first doctors appointment was the following monday, june 6th. he was down to 8lb 2oz, which was about 9% of his body weight. babies will lose up to 8% of their body weight, but that was too much. the doctor said that by his next appointment, if he had gone more than 10%, we would have to supplement him.. oh don't even worry-he bounced back at 9lb 7oz and has continued an almost off the charts weight gain since! at his one month appointment he was 11lb 13oz and 22 3/4 inches long, which a head circumference of 41cm... all of his numbers are around the 90%!! at our mommy group on wednesday, he weighed 12lb 6oz.. which throws him out of most of his 0-3 month clothes and into 3-6 months. i keep having to remind myself that he is only 6 weeks old and cut him some slack for not crawling yet, because he is so big he doesn't feel that young! but as far as his 6 week development goes.. he can track black and white objects (especially his very best friend in the world.. panda), turns his head towards mine and jeff's voices, has rolled over once..probably a fluke, the kid HATES tummy time, copies facial expressions such as a kissy face, sticking his tongue out, opening his mouth, and smiling, tries really hard to sleep through the night but we won't let him go more than 5 hours without waking him up to eat (at night!! in the day it's still 2-3 hours..we aren't starving him!), says "waaa waaa" like, a bird, not a cry when he wants to talk, and i think that's it. i mentioned his panda, he.. is in LOVE with this panda. it's on his bouncer and for the first couple of weeks i would feel like i was neglecting him if i put him down in his swing or bouncer, but now i feel like i'm depriving him if i don't. the second you put him in his bouncer that thing starts rocking and he is making noise and kicking and staring at this panda that hangs from it. it's the funniest thing in the universe. and it tires him out-so.. perfect!!

so that's the update, i'll try to post more often. we've finally gotten a really great routine going, so it should be possible. hope you enjoyed the novel-but that's pretty much a month and a half in a nutshell.. i guess if i wrote more you could read about his first trip to utah and his playgroup...buuuut..i'm not writing for 8 years, so we'll just take it from here! :)

a little video for your time.. and enjoyment: