Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What happens at Grandma's.. (probably won't stay at Grandma's!)

Oh my goodness, Reilly did the weirdest thing yesterday. And really in the grand scheme of things, it's not that weird, but sometimes you get those "holy crap this thing is a human" moments, and they just catch you by surprise. Please don't take this to mean I don't think my kid is human.. of course he is human, but.. if you have kids I think you know what I mean by this, or maybe not.. perhaps I'm the only one that is constantly amazed when my kid does human things, sorry if that sounds horrible.

Anyway.. so.. yesterday I was at the kitchen island cutting up squash, least favorite vegetable to prepare for him, but he loves it, anyway.. I was doing this and he walks into the pantry and walks out with a bag of marshmallows. He's a little boy who makes messes everyday, dragging things out of the pantry is just another Monday morning, but this time he brings the marshmallows over to me and hands them to me with an excited look on his face.. which he has never done before with a food item. I put them on the counter thinking he is just going to clear the shelves, but hey.. if it keeps him occupied I'm all about it. But no.. he keeps reaching for the marshmallows, standing on his tippie toes-making his little Winnie the Pooh "hoo hoo hoo" noise that he makes when he wants to eat something. How the heck does my kid know what that is? He has had one marshmallow in his entire life, months ago, and these are mini, and he never saw the bag. So I took one out and handed it to him and his face LIT UP and he slammed that little white ball of sugar in his mouth so fast and reached for more! WHAT ON EARTH! So I texted Jeff of course because he likes to give him anything and everything that is not nutritionally valuable and ask "Why the heck does my son know what a marshmallow is" and he response "No idea!".. so now I'm stumped.. until my mom comes over to watch him! As soon as I asked she got an evil little grin and I knew it! But what can I do.. she is grandma, and that is what they do right? As long as she gives him marshmallows at the beginning of the day, long before I have to pick him up and deal with a sugar high, we're golden. I just don't understand why anyone thinks anything is going to get by me.. I've been a gumshoe my entire life- ask my sisters who were constantly tormented by detective ways, or my husband.. or my dad.. let this be a lesson grandparents, aunts, uncles!