Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rocky Rocky.

Without a doubt.. rocking Reilly before bed at night is my FAVORITE part of the day, I look forward to it everyday, don't want it to end during, and miss it when it's over. It's when he is his cuddliest, silliest, sweetest... best ever. Every night he gets his bath, gets lotioned up and pajamas put on, brushes his teeth, waves goodnight to daddy... sometimes reads books, sometimes doesn't, up to him.. and then it's our 20 minutes of snuggling. He cuddles onto my chest like a little newborn baby and we just rock back and forth.. and most the time after a few minutes he'll sit up and start making funny faces, or giving me "noseys".. or telling me where my nose, ears, and tongue are, putting his hands on my eyes for butterfly kisses.. then giggling and pulling his hands away, just to repeat. Tonight he kept making fishy faces and giving me kisses.. then cracking up about it. After a while I'll put him in his crib, tuck him in, turn on his singing frog, then off to sleep he goes.

I think that when he is older, and telling me he hates me.. while I'm crying hysterically in my bedroom with my head between my knees believing him, rocking him is what I'm going to try to remember, or when he grows up and moves away, I'll just remember his face popped up being so silly before bed each night.


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