Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick Attempt at an Update.

So much has happened in the past few weeks, thus no update. Reilly is 1 now, that's very exciting! We had his birthday party on June 4th and it was fun.. I think. Don't be surprised if the kid never has a birthday party again! Holy cow.. I'm a nutcase. I might have gotten a little anxious about the planning and the details.. and fears of things going wrong. A few nights before the party I had nightmares about everything going wrong, and had to force myself to stay in bed as opposed to get up and start making lists. I made the lists after breakfast the next morning instead. Plus.. considering all the planning and cost that goes into a birthday party- I'd so much rather take a vacation and actually enjoy the day and relax, and at least enjoy it for longer than the hour and a half a party lasts. You can tell me I need to take it easy all you want, but.. that's just not my personality, unfortunately.

Last week we drove to northern California for my cousin, Bonnie's, wedding! We had SUCH a great time. We only really got to see our entire family the day of the wedding, but it was still good to see everyone, and Alison went with us, so it was a definite plus to get some sister time in considering we see her on a big year, twice. Reilly got to play with Marley again, which is always fun. He is so cute.. and so tiny compared to Rei! The drive up took about 10 hours and the drive home ended up taking 12. We were pretty nervous about the trip, and were considering it a test run for our drive to Denver next month- with flight plans still in our minds, but it was totally fine! Karen is an official part of any drive we ever take though, she kept him entertained in the back seat for a majority of the drive, which was the best! We made sure to take plenty of new toys, which his birthday being the week prior definitely helped with, lots of snacks, and stopped at a park for lunch and to get out and play. OH! And major milestone.. he took his first steps!! Soo exciting! My dad recorded it.. and emailed it to me, but the attachment didn't come through so you'll get that later. But he did take two steps.. at a rest stop along the way. Considering everyone around him went ballistic, I wouldn't be surprised if he never tried to walk again though.

He is definitely in a really fun age right now. I know I know.. I think every age is fun, but this one is really fun! Ha.. anyway, he has become quite the little helper. Yesterday I decided to take on putting together his toy box while he was awake (I couldn't handle the toys on the floor for another second.. and some of his Christmas and Birthday gifts were still unopened in the closet because.. yeah.. toys, freak me out! I should get over that..), anyway.. he demanded a screwdriver and would literally try to use it on whatever part I had just finished. So funny, he just sat inside the toy box working away. Then today I was dusting his room, and he dropped what he was doing with his toys, and hurried right over to help. He wanted the spray.. and threw a fit when he couldn't have it, but settled on having a cloth and getting to wipe his crib. In a few short months I'll have the little slave child I've always dreamed of! What other reason is there to have children? I'm kidding..

So that's that.. he finally sleeps through the night! Yay!! It's a lot tougher on me though than I ever thought getting a full nights rest would be. From waking up every few hours to pee while I was pregnant and nursing all night for the past year, I've gotten used to a lack of sleep, now it's harder to wake up after 8 hours.. who knew! I'm sure I'll get used to it and love every hour very very soon though!


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